Female Sexual Dysfunction

Yes, It’s Treatable

Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment in Newburgh, IN

Female sexual dysfunction is defined as persistent, recurrent problems with sexual response or desire that distress you or strain your relationship with your partner.

Many women experience problems with sexual function at some point in their lives. Female sexual dysfunction can occur at all stages of life. It may be ongoing or happen only once in a while.

If sexual problems affect your relationship or disrupt your peace of mind, make an appointment with your doctor for evaluation. WHCPC’s highly experienced physicians offer caring and knowledgeable evaluation and treatment.

You may experience more than one type of female sexual dysfunction. These include:

  • Low sexual desire. You have diminished libido, or lack of sex drive.
  • Sexual arousal disorder. Your desire for sex might be intact, but you have difficulty or are unable to become aroused or maintain arousal during sexual activity.
  • Orgasmic disorder. You have persistent or recurrent difficulty in achieving orgasm after sufficient sexual arousal and ongoing stimulation.
  • Sexual pain disorder. You have pain associated with sexual stimulation or vaginal contact.

Sexual response involves complex interactions between many aspects of your life. Your physiology, your emotions, your experiences, your beliefs, your lifestyle, and your relationships all play a role. Disruption of any of these components can affect sexual drive, arousal or satisfaction. Fortunately, female sexual dysfunction is treatable.

For information on testing, diagnosis, and treatment, please schedule an appointment with your doctor.

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